Vezyroglou Farm


Our farm has a history of over 100+ years in Northern Greece in the cultivation of large scale field crops.
The Company was established in 2006 with the task of becoming a Dynamic and Vertically Integrated Unit of Production, Packaging and Distribution of Fresh Vegetables in the Greek market and Abroad.

Our Company specializes in the production of fresh leafy vegetables. The product quality and company reliability are guaranteed by the trained personnel and the experienced agronomists of the Company.



The production takes place at the heart of Northern Greece, in the area of Alexandria (50km distance from the city of Thessaloniki), at a privately-owned farm of 88ha, with 30ha Nethouses and 80.000m2 greenhouses. It has already planned the construction of additional nethouses and greenhouses in 2017

The packaging takes place at wholly-owned facilities which include a packing-house, refrigerators and warehouses, 2.500 m2 area which have been expanded and updated in 2017.



Vezyroglou Farm follows Integrated Crop Management is a quality management system in the primary sector that aims to produce safe and healthy agricultural products, without pesticide residues, with rational use of water and fertilizers, with completely controlled and recorded procedures, without disturbing the environment, and in compliance with the legal requirements and standards. Obviously Vezyroglou Farm follows the above principles. Apart, we have move forward to the certification of either on IPM standards (GLOBALGAP) or on Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000), both of these protocols are certified by TUV HELLAS, they are recognized all over the world and they guarantee the quality and safety of our products.



Crop production is fully controlled throughout all stages: seed selection, field preparation, conditions during seeding, fertilization, crop protection products, irrigation, other crop applications, conditions during crop life cycle, harvesting, refrigeration, packing and dispatch to the clients.

The quality of the final product depends on all the above-mentioned factors, therefore the correct programming of production, the close crop monitoring and the timely applications are crucial in order to have high quality product.

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Production Volume


Our Company grows the largest quantity of leafy vegetables in Northern Greece and is amongst the largest growers in the country. In 2016 we produced and sold approximately 2500 tons of products.

The vertical integration of production allows us to have continuous product availability to the market, total quality control and absolute product freshness.

Knowhow – Personnel


The Company employs 2 Agronomists, 4 agricultural technician and a number of adequately trained technicians.

Our ten year experience in the production and packaging of fresh leafy vegetables, through extensive trials on varieties, fertilization and other crop production techniques, have placed us as leaders in this field.

Furthermore, through partnerships with the University of Thessaloniki, every year we improve the knowhow in production and packaging.

Why choose Us

About company:

  • Farm with long history that today specializes in the production of leafy vegetables
  • The products we sell are mostly grown by us
  • Fully controlled production conditions
  • Fully controlled refrigeration and packaging conditions
  • Detailed monitoring and control by experienced agronomists
  • Long period of product availability
  • Potential for satisfying high product demand from clients
  • GLOBALGAP and ISO 22000:2005
  • The only Company in Greece that produces, packages and distributes its own baby leaf products

Our packaged products are:

  • Produced in Greece
  • Mostly own production
  • Only leaves, without roots, long stems and dirt
  • Fresh – short time from harvest to packaging and distribution
  • Not undergone any type of processing
  • Careful picking and sorting during harvest and in the packing-house
  • Better shelf life compared to other packaged salads that exist in the market, because they have not undergone any processing