The histories of Antonis Vezyroglou and “Vezyroglou Farm” from Rijk Zwaan Hellas

The farm was established in 1914 and turned into a vegetable producing company under the brand name “ap’ ta perivolia tou Vezyroglou” in 2006.

It consists a complex, vertical and complete unit for production, processing and trading of leafy vegetables. The production takes place in Alexandria, Imathia, in a field of 700.00m2, with 250.000 m2 of nethouses and 65.000 m2 of greenhouses. With emphasis on innovation, the Vezyroglou farms’ products with a rabbit as a trademark, which expresses the freshness of the vegetables, aims to the highest quality and the reability of the company, as well as the utmost service given to its clients. Mr. Antonis Vezyroglou is the man who inspired and controlled the successful development of the company.

Αntonis Vezyroglou / Owner, Executive Director

The first two-three years things were really hard. We did not even know the cultivation techniques. Our relation with Rijk Zwaan Hellas, at that time known as Agrosystem, started from the beginning of our avocation with lettuces. I can remember the very first can that I bought myself from a local shop of agricultural supplies. Since then, we have a very close collaboration with Rijk Zwaan. The first years this collaboration was kind of technical support and from the moment that we got the know-how, we started together some excursions and visits abroad. There you encounter much bigger producers in terms of production and surface, with other players of the vegetable market and all these in-between a frame of continuous education offered by the side of Rijk Zwaan and from our side as it concerns our better preparation for a better result. Every year we create a plan of trials in accordance with Rijk Zwaan’s agronomists, in order to make the best decisions for the products we will uses the following year. Hence, we would summarize our collaboration in three words as trust, comprehension and support.

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