Agri-environmental Policiy

We are committed to comply with National and International Standards of administration and management of agricultural production as well as to preserve the ecosystem through agro-environmental actions and activities.

correct use of resources

investment in irrigation methods that minimize the use of water in crop production (drip irrigation and use of micro-sprinklers)

investment in the production inside nethouses (instead of open field), where crops are protected and the impact of agricultural production on the environment is minimized

integrated crop monitoring and targeted applications on pests and diseases

appropriate crop rotation including legumes in order to improve the soil characteristics

frequent soil analyses in order to use only the necessary fertilizers

We are Committed to produce
Quality and Safe products

We maintain a system of total traceability of products, starting from the seed and the field and following to the packing-house and to our client’s premises. In this way we can guarantee the correct distribution of our products and the immediate problem tackling if needed.